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Les projets autour de Cider s'accélèrent

The pace of Cider installation projects is accelerating as more customers on Advantage choose to take the plunge. Eleven clients are now in production on Cider, with nearly 100 websites, a myriad of SKUs, including digital, print, series, books and other products. Six other clients are in the process of switching to the e-commerce platform.

“Without a doubt, Cider has been a huge success for Informa and Advantage,” says  Carver Bonine , a business systems engineer at Informa who recently went live with Cider. “The team worked hard to get this up and running for us. Ultimately, it was AdvantageCS's commitment to the Cider platform and their willingness to transition Informa to production on Cider that allowed us to succeed.

Cider offers a dedicated marketing portal for quickly creating and assigning promotions, built-in support for third-party plugins, and a flexible admin panel to customize the look and feel of the site. Powerful widgets in Cider allow customers to, for example, highlight products in a carousel, offer a changing offer (hourly, daily, etc.), or highlight products in a sidebar with an advertising widget.

The platform also offers marketers a natural integration with Advantage's powerful promotional engine with its easy-to-use Cider promotional landing page designer. Promotions can go from concept to customer in minutes!

Advanced shopping cart and self-service capabilities are part of Cider, as is a flexible theme design allowing customers to tailor their brand and improve the customer experience. And Cider shares the same business rules engine as Advantage, giving customers online access to thousands of Advantage features. The platform is also designed on key architectural considerations: security, scalability and extensibility.

Earlier this year, Cider's first non-English installation went live alongside Martin Media's five e-commerce stores, all entirely in French. Martin Media is a publisher located in Eastern France, publishing on subjects such as education and psychology, leisure (especially genealogy, numismatics and woodworking) and social work. As the first non-English speaking project, the project had specific obstacles. This included adjusting the site to inclusive VAT, accents and currency display, as well as translating Cider itself. The installation of Cider was closely linked to an upgrade of the Avantage application.

New features are continually added as more customers use the platform. For more information about Cider, contact your AdvantageCS representative.

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